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Private practice Psychologist Dr. Romeo Vitelli & his professional colleagues provide psychological services within Toronto, Hamilton and surrounding areas.

We specialize in Assessment and Treatment for a wide array of issues and concerns. Such as; stress, depression, MVA, grief, phallometrics, immigration, psycho-vocational, just to name a few.

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Psychologist Dr. Romeo Vitelli & Associates welcome Attorneys, Physicians, Insurers, Private Individuals and Families.

All psychological services will be completed in a professional and timely manner.

Simply contact our office and we will do the rest.

Our Services

Private practice Psychologist Dr. Romeo Vitelli and his professional colleagues provide numerous services in two distinct areas:

Assessments can be done on a variety of concerns or issues. Click the link below for a general list of assessments that are commonly done.
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Treatment for various topics are dealt with in a purely professional manner. Click The following link to know about the issues that our offices deal with.
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All services provided by private
practice Psychologist Dr. Romeo Vitelli
and Associates follow strict
guidelines of confidentiality.

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